I developed this website to support our Clan, GuardiansForGuardians. As a Clan with more members than what the limits imposed by Bungie, we found ourselves in need to split our clan into multiple division (by timezone and platform mostly). Unfortunately Bungie doesn't really cater to that concept. You can't see where all the members of your many 'Divisions' are at any given time, as the director in game only shows you those who are in the same clan, as defined by Bungie. And so, you find yourself filling up your friends list on your console, or pc, and it's really a mess.

To address this, and many more shortcomings of Bungie's structure, this site was born. At it's core is the ability to consolidate members' data from multiple Destiny Clans, and coordinate events between the more experienced players and those who joined a clan to find a good community and get some help with the most challanging content.

Isn't that what an LFG is for??

You might ask that, and you'd be right, but an LFG is nowhere near what this site provides. As a clan, we found ourselves wanting to provide an easy way to schedule events in advance. No more of that last minute search for some warm body running that one raid, or special mission, never knowing whether we end up with a bunch of players who are inexperienced or just don't get along. And let's not event mention the pain of solo queuing for Comp or IB. Most everything is better with friends!

Aren't there other sites that provide events scheduling??

Of course there are, and we tried many of them. Unfortunately none of them really catered to the extensive API provided by Bungie. Other sites are generic in nature and not very customizable. They just don't get what a game like this needs in terms of features. Being born out of the need to cater to the complexities of Destiny 1 and 2, ClanEvents has a full integration with Bungie's API for profiles, game history, carnage reports, and more... all to allow a clan to spur some friendly competition amongst its members by scoring and ranking members participation to events and performance.

  • You want to reward the high scorer in PvP... check.
  • You want to create a ladder like the Comp one in Destiny, where wins gain points, and losses take them away... check.
  • Want to make sure you don't get left high and dry by a flaky clan member, assign penalties for noshows.
  • You live on your Discord server, get notification with role tags for new events, events requests, and upcoming event reminders tagging the players that signed up for it directly on your server.

I like what I see, now what?

I'm working on an automated onboarding for new clans such that you will be able to signup to access the clan features. In the meantime, if you want to sign up your clan, you can contact me through Discord. As I continue to develop more functionality, please make use of the existing featuers, namely:

  • Full profile look up for any player. This is account wide, so it includes all the platforms you have linked to your Bungie profile.
  • Raid Stats across all accounts.
  • Combined game mode stats for PVE, PVP, and PVEc.